Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Putterin Around

My Grandma used to say that sometimes when I would call to see how she was or stop by to see her.  Rarely did she have those moments with all the kids.. then grand kids.. then great grand kids, and yes.. great great grand kids.  Her house was always busy and was never fancy.  Always warm and welcoming.  Putterin to her was more when she got to do some canning, make a rag rug and listen to the quiet, or crochet a new baby a blanket to come home in.

Putterin to me is when you have time all alone in your home.  When you get to move things around or fix up a piece of old furniture.  Maybe sew some curtains.  Lighting some candles and being proud of what you so geniously just came up with.   Just working on making your house a home.

So here's some of my putterin around...(see, I do have furniture!)

 (wow...baddd lighting)

I know....I need a camera besides my phone.  I'm learning, I'm learning.
More to come soon!

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  1. Wow!!! Would you be willing to come and "Putter Around" my house???? It looks beautiful!