Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Blank Page

My favorite post is the one I begin today.  Actually it started yesterday..   For some time I have been trying to find an answer to be able to afford keeping this farm or move on (give up).  I'm one of those people who need a neon sign to drop down in front of me before I am sure of a decision.  January 1, 2011 was a neon sign.

I was looking around on the internet at houses and decor of homes, dreaming.  I came across "The Lettered Cottage"  Wow,  so much inspiration!  So talented.  I was on there for hours and on other sites that I found from her site.

Here's what got me:  The Post,  The favorite post of the year and maybe my neon sign!

She had a quote on her site:

" We will open the book,  It's pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter begins on New Years Day."

And so I go on....
This  is my first page of Chapter one 2011

<div align="center"><a href="http://theletteredcottage.net/a-few-of-my-favorite-blog-posts-2010" title="The Lettered Cottage"><img src="http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj29/LaylaPalmer/2010%20Linky%20Images/Favorite_Blog_Posts.jpg" alt="The Lettered Cottage" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


  1. Hi Patsy! Just found you through TLC. Congrats on starting your blog! It can definitely be scary and sometimes you feel like nobody's reading. : ) Keep going though - you'll meet some amazing people! Glad I could be your very first comment : )


  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I'm finding this is a great community so far. Thanks for being the first.


  3. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm sure you will enjoy it and will meet many great people.

  4. Hi Patsy!!!!

    Welcome Girlfriend!!!!

    You have a beautiful place here and I'm looking forward to all what you plan to share with us.

    Wishing you lots of luck on the barn, the garden and of course...blogging!!!!

    Happy New Year :)

  5. I love it! Your words are so heartfelt! I hope to find more and more on this adorable page!