Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just Laughing

Ever just sit around in your kitchen and laugh till you cry reliving family moments?  I really missed that.  We had a time tonight.  (it was actually my son's kitchen in the back of the house, not my dream kitchen...well anyway..)

So many hours we spent doing that where I grew up.  That kitchen was so tiny yet somehow we all fit in there.  We still joke about "rotating" if someone needed in the fridge or the bathroom.  We did not have much but I have the best memories to live on.  My mother rented there for 30 years!  Now that's something!  Wish I could buy it for her and move it here.

I think some days I forget what an opportunity I have here.  The furnace is out, the water is awful, and yes the roof leaks.. luckily only in one spot.

I know God gave me this chance for a reason.  I need to just push ahead and not be so serious about it all the time worrying.  After all, it is in God's hands as is everything.  So..I am just going to enjoy it.  Hopefully the kids and the grand kids will have good memories here and where ever we can be together and just laugh.

I'd love to know some of your favorite bellyachers...

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