Saturday, February 22, 2014

Just Let It Be..

Why....WHY?  do I dream of a house of my own??  Can't I just let it be?

 I remember being about 8 or 9 years old standing in the front yard on a summer day.  I stopped in my tracks and began to stare ( I stare a lot).  I remember clasping my hands together and began to think in a daze: "When I grow up I want a white house with a bay window in the front and a front porch that goes around to the side.. and a peaked roof with that scrolly trim stuff....something with character"  I kid you Not...I actually thought the whole thing and the "with character" part.  WHAT...how could I even know such a word.  Weird! Just really weird.

Maybe that's why I can't just let it be.  Then again, I like to torcher myself, that might be it too. Yeah, that's probably it.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Driving Away

This is the driveway of the old house.  There's a cow pasture in the background there.  Lots of cows from a dairy farm across the way.  I loved looking at them wandering around.  It was a nice view.  Little smelly sometimes..good country air is what we call it.   I'm re-working my blog and came across this picture as a draft post.  It was so long ago I didn't remember it.  I feel like I'm still there.  But I'm here.  This reminds me that I left there for a reason.  God told me to.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Mother's House

I am truly happy here.  My mind still wanders about owning my own piece of the world.  It won't leave me alone.  I say to myself: "Lord, I do not want it if it's not you."  Maybe it will happen someday but I want to be where He wants me.  I wouldn't want to ever leave here if He is not the one telling me it's time.

I think of my Mother's house a lot.  We lived there on Mulberry Street happy children.  Seems magical to me now.  It's a bit like looking back through the movie "A Christmas Story".  Similar house but smaller.  Front porch, side porch, neighbors. City blocks to walk to the store and school.  Standing at the front door with our Mom showing us how the puffy snowflakes look with the street light shining through the dark.  What a beautiful silent moment.

Here's the thing..It was always our home and we never doubted it.  She rented there for 30 years!!  Determination and hope and faith!!

My sister Cathy made these wood paintings of the house several years ago.  When I look at it I still see the real thing.  All the memories of my Mother's house.