Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well...I sincerely asked God to show me what to do. I LISTENED!!  I had faith, I moved on, and I AM truly thankful for it!
It was a lesson absolutely!
I am so happy where I am renting.  I'm proud to try to live within my means and have PEACE.
"You have to count every little thing as a blessing"  my sister said to me.  The little things I see now are such blessings in every day.  I hope that I never stop seeing them that way.

Psalm 16:
....I said to the Lord: You are my Lord, Apart from you I have no good thing

I want nothing without Him.

So I'm gonna hop back on the wagon..or the horse..whatever..and start blogging some again. mainly just for myself.
What I hope to share the most are the little blessings.  They are amazing!!
For Sure:  The fireplace! Heat in winter is good.

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